We offer a variety of grooming services.

We specialize in quality professional grooming and always give your pet the time it takes for the best groom possible. All of our groomers are trained, and whether you are looking for a simple, short haircut or a fancy, elaborate style, our groomers are qualified.

Our Services

Mani and Pawdicure

Nails clipped and grind with paw triming if needed

Ear Cleaning & Pluck

Ears cleaned with high quality ear cleaner and pluck if needed.

Hair Removal Between Pads

Removing all of the unwated hairs between pads.

Shampoo (conditioner, if needed)

We offer many different shampoos to meet each dogs needs. ask us about our packages!

Complete Fluff Drying

A grooming technique that adds volume to pet hair and helps get rid of unwanted undercoat.

Thorough Brushing and/or De-shed

We offer our brushing services with every groom or on their own. We will use many different methods to be sure to satasify your dog!

Hair Cut And Styling

High quality professional grooms to meet your dogs needs and styled exactly the way you want it!

Flea Baths

Citrus based shampoo to get rid of fleas and make your pets feel comfortable again.

Nail Polish

Spice up your pups grooms and add a bit of colour with out nail polish and chalk!


We offer this service by using special tools to get rid of unwated matts.

Teeth Cleaning

Oral hygiene is extremely important for your pets. We will include a tooth brush to take home topped with a vet grade toothpaste.

Face Trim

Just need a face trim? We’ve got that covered too!

At Ruff Cuts we like to do a little something extra for your pet.

Each pet always goes home with a beautiful hairstyle, as well as a decorative bow or bandana. Our bandanas are very important. They are printed with our address and phone number and have helped lost dogs get home.

Don’t like any of the decorative stuff? Just let us know, and we’ll skip it. No problem!

Our Groomers are ready to greet you and your pet with a warm welcome and a friendly smile!